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Nature and outdoor activities along the Solander Trail

Berries, mushrooms and herbs. Along the Solander Trail you can pick a great variety of things. The trail passes through terrain containing bilberries, lingonberries, cloudberries, raspberries and arctc raspberries, mushroom grounds with everything from porcini to yellowfoot and many edible and medicinal herbs.

The Right of Public Access regulates what you are allowed to pick. Remember that some mushrooms might not be those you pick at home, even if they look a lot alike - use caution and a good guide!

Elias Trail in Svensbyn. In the forests of Svensbyn Daniel Solander partways shares his trail with another historic person, the "grand thief" Elias Bäckman. The Elias Trail was (prior to of the addition of the Solander Trail) Piteå Municipality’s longest hiking trail and is well worth exploring. Here you’ll find the famed Elias Cave, fine fishing lakes surrounded by fireplaces and many peaks with resting spots at the top. Maps and more information about the Elias Trail are found here, and on the this map you can see how it’s located both separately and in relation to the Solander Trail.
On the green section.

Fishing waters. Along the Solander Trail are several excellent fishing lakes. Most fishing along the trail requires a permit. On the municipal map you can see fishing lakes in relation to the trail and beyond.

The Pite River with its steep banks can be difficult to fish without a boat, but in Sikfors on the northernmost part of the blue section and on the detour to Sikfors Camping & Fritidsby is an area with sandy banks that are eminently suited for shore-based fishing. At Pite Älv Ekonomisk Förening you can read more about fishing in the river and parts of Inre Fjärden.


The Pite River is more than 400 km long from its headwaters among the glaciers of the Sulitelma massif down to the edge of the Bothnian Bay. Along the approximate 20 km the Solander Trail brings you into contact with you can paddle and fish, bathe, scout for beavers and watch how the remains of the log-driving era slowly vanish as nature reclaims the land. Above the power station and its dam in Sikfors (which replaced Sikfors Old Power Station) the river is completely unrestrained. Further upstream is one of Swedish Laplands most popular places to visit, the "Grand Rapids" Storforsen.
On the blue section.


The Right of Public Access allows you to swim anywhere, as long as you keep a respectful distance from dwellings. The Solander trail passes many communal bathing spots and many lakes and streams suitable for swimming.

Most swimming/bathing in Sweden are at own risk, even at locations with piers, dressing rooms or similar. Life guards are very rare.

It is safest to not bathe alone, or in rapid water. Remember to swim along, not away from, the shore and to not jump/dive into unknown waters!

Vallen by the Svensby Stream is reached by choosing to make a southward detour along Road 501 where the Solander Trail/Östra Lidenvägen crosses it. After a little more than a kilometer you’ll see the Vallen at the left side of the road. The old mill site with its flat rocks and verdant banks has been trimmed by Svensbyns village community and been equipped with bridges, fireplaces and seats.
About 1,2 km from the green section on Road 501.

The Woods by Lillån in Långnäs has been called everything from Bauer-esque troll forest to an Manhattan for ants. In this fir forest edging the water there are overgrown rocks and mossy carpets to rest on and also a plethora of large anthills, several over 1,5 metres high.
You will pass here walking the eastern side of the loop on the yellow section.