Alter Our collection of links to stories and additional information about places or phenomenons along the trail are mainly to Swedish text sources. To view the full collection, visit the Swedish version of this page. Here are some links to texts in english and english descriptions of video links!

Kayaking among the trees Video of daring adventure during an extreme flood of the Svensby river.

Discover the labyrinths of Swedish Lapland Article about the stone labyrinths of the north.

Up at any cost! Video of salmons migrating upstream by the power plant in Sikfors.

Moving lumber by horse Video of traditional logging by the Piteå River, Böle.

The Solander Trail - Hiking along the Coast Article.

The Solander Trail - a trip through forest and history Article (Google Translate version).

Alter River Valley from above Video of drone footage of lovely Alterdalen.