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The Solander Trail - a growing hiking trail

Do what Daniel Solander, disciple of Carl Von Linné did – explore the countryside!

Take a hike in the coastal landscape and wilderness of the Solander Trail in Swedish Lapland. A walk through a countryside with varying nature and culture. Forests, vistas, fishing lakes, rivers and brooks. Landscapes waiting to tell their stories. The Solander Trail encompasses encounters with rural life, animals at pasture, pauses at summer cafés and local community centers, visits to vendors of home-grown produce and overnight stays along the trail. As a hiker you can choose among many different cultural activities and make detours to nearby points of interest. 

In addition to walking you can also paddle or bicycle on certain sections or combine walking, bicycling and paddling.

The Solander Trail is still under development. The completed trail will cover about 220 km to/from the coastal village of Jävre in the south to/from Luleå Airport at Kallax in the north.

The trail is easily reached by bus or car from Piteå, Skellefteå, Älvsbyn or Luleå, and transfer services are available for those wishing to travel or send luggage between points along the trail.

The hiking trail has two color markings. The main trail color is red and each section has its own additional color, chosen by the locals to represent their part of the world. There are markings on trees, rocks and posts. There are also directional signs with arrows to show the way where the trail changes direction or crosses roads or paths. Solander’s profile picture is displayed on the trail’s posts and signs. 

Along the trail there are halting-places with windshields and fireplaces – firewood is usually available there. You can stay overnight in cabins, cottages, log shelters or on a farm with B&B - or take a transfer from nearby hostels, boarding houses or hotels. If you don’t wish to hike alone there are walking groups or guided tours along the trail.

Welcome to explore a growing hiking trail!