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Finding your way on the Solander Trail

The color of the Solander Trail is dark red and can be seen on the top of the trail signposts, followed by the color of the section you are currently on. In certain places it is marked directly on trees, stumps or rocks.

Where needed there are also arrow signs with the trail symbol, the red color marking and the one for the current section. Posts and signs also have a plaque with the Solander Trail logotype.

GPS-coordinates for the Solander Trail are already available: the end goal is a compleedigital map that can be easily used online but also printable. We hope to have this finished by the start of 2018 hiking season.

At the moment all sections are marked on the Piteå Municipal map, which allows you to zoom in on the trail with a high level of detail and also shows some of the service points. You can also download a .kzm-file for showing the sections in Google Earth.

Additionally, in connection with test walks very simple ”pioneer maps” of some sections have been drawn up.

Map material, distance tables and files can be found on the page of the respective section:


Blue section
Green section
Orange section
Red section
Yellow section