A brief history of the Solander Trail

The Solander Trail is beeing developed with the help of EU:s structural funds for rural development, Länsstyrelsen and the municipalities Luleå and Piteå.

The Solander trail begun as a concept developed by farmers association LRF and students at Luleå Technical University in 2010.  The notion was to pair the growing hiking trend with the development of a longer hiking trail in the coastal part of northen Sweden.

The following pilot study eventually lead to the construction of the Solander Trail. The mapping of the trail was decided in close collaboration with the locals involved, land owners and people/organizations from the various villages.

The physical contruction of the trail finished in 2018, with a final roundabout in Luleå to be added during 2019.

To care for the trail in future, the Solander Trail Association was funded in 2018.

The current project of building and presenting the trail is set to finish in time of 2020.